Top ten advent calendars of awesome!

I know, I know, it’s not even November yet but in my defence advent calendars sell out FAST! So this year I am going to share with you my favourite advent calendars for 2014. There’s a bit of a mix in here but because it’s me I think they’re leaning towards the beauty end of the spectrum. Anyway let’s get on to the shinys!!

1. Moo Free Dairy Free, Organic Milk Tasting Advent Calendar

Moo free advent calendar

This first one is for all my dear vegans out there. I have a few friends who have dairy allergies and really miss chocolate so having a dairy free chocolate advent calendar this year would be right up their street!

Available now from Amazon for £7.45

2. The Masters of Malt Whiskey Advent Calendar 2014

Whisky advent calendar

Who doesn’t like whiskey? This one has a normal and a premium edition each with 24 3cl bottles of whiskey. Not only is it absolutely adorable, you get to try all kinds of different types of whiskey.

Available now for pre-order £149.95 (normal edition)

3. Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar

This is one for all the nail polish lovers out there. You get 23 mini pots with either polish or nail effects and for Christmas eve, a full size nail varnish and a beautiful Christmas-y sparkle.

Available now for £49.00

4. DIY Breadboard Advent Calendar

This is a great little nerdy countdown clock. This Intructable shows step by step how to make a countdown timer for Christmas. This would be a great project for anybody just beginning to get into electronics and understanding how things work. you have to buy the components individually yourself but Maplin, Farnell or RS should have everything you could possibly need.

Instructions here!

5. Bodyshop Advent Calendar

This one is full of Body Shop goodies, everything from nail polish to body lotions. I really like the Body Shop and this has a great mix of all their products in it.

Available now for £50.00

6. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

It’s not a secret that I love firey, smell producing things in my home. So when i stumbled upon this smelly fire producing advent calendar I may or may not have squeeled. A lot. Anyway if you also enjoy things that smell good and fire you may enjoy this advent calendar.

Get it here for £21.99

7. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

LEGO is basically the best toy ever invented by anybody ever in the history of the universe. Every year they bring out a couple of advent calendars and every year I lust after the LEGO Star Wars one. They’re just so cute!!

Avalable now for £19.99

8. Benefit Candy Coated Countdown

Benefit was one of the first makeup brands which I really got into when I first started up with make up. I loved the packaging and how grown up I felt when a makeup artist showed me how to use High Beam. This year they are bringing out another advent calendar full of sample sizes of some of their bestsellers.

Available here for £60.00

9. Tea Advent Calendar

I have a tea addiction, I admit it, I just love it all black, green, white, tisane I’m all over it. This year there are a few tea based advent calendars out there but I thought this one was just too adorable to not be on the list. 24 2 cup servings of different loose leaf teas with a tea strainer included. what could be better?!

Pre order here for £35

10. Jo Malone Advent Calendar

This one is by far the most expensive on the list. It is full of Jo Malone cologne and body cremes, in this beautifully illustrated box. I love this advent calendar and am seriously considering getting it this year.

Available from 20th October exclusively at Harrods and then launches nationwide on 10th November 2014

It’s totally reasonable to get a few of these and just start the countdown 72 days before Christmas right? RIGHT…?!


This Geek’s Week #7 – Looshkin goes to 9 Worlds!

Welcome back to (a belated) This Geek’s Week! There has been only one thing on my mind recently and that is the 9 Worlds Geekfest! For those of you that don’t know, the 9 Worlds Geekfest is a convention in London that covers all sorts of nerdery. It’s held over 3 days in a convention hotel in Heathrow where you are able to stay too. I went with Mr. Man and a few of my friends and we all had a fantastic time.


We arrived on the Friday at about 9.30 am to get our passes and goodie bags! Every body got two books (One a gift from Gollanz), some sample chapters and short stories, various promo cards and flyers (including money off at forbidden planet). A sample of a tabletop game and keyrings There were also some tokens in the bag which you could give to people who had awesome cosplay and they could win prizes if they got enough. Unfortunately we couldn’t check into our rooms until early afternoon but the concierge closet was large enough to hold all our things. Though once we did get to our rooms they were lovely and bright and clean.

After registration, there was an anteroom where we where we could choose our name for the weekend, you wrote your own name on your badge so could choose o be known what you liked. Then came the nice inclusive touches which makes 9 Worlds such a friendly con. There were special yellow lanyards which indicated that you did not want to be photographed, A communication clip system where you could have a coloured clip on your lanyard indicating whether you’d like to be spoken to by people you did not know or not, and pronoun badges which indicated your preferred pronouns for those you did not know. there was also priority seating in each room where those less able would always get a place.




The first chat we went to was on the future tech track, it was all about ‘virtual reality and 3D printing’. The guy giving the talk, Ian Peters, was very knowledgeable but made it all accessible to those who were slightly less scientifically inclined. He had a 3D printer working in the corner throughout his talk which created a little plastic robot by the end which was a very cute touch. After this we went along to ‘Theology in Small Gods’ (Unfortunately How Granny Weatherwax Out-Nietzsches Nietzsche was cancelled) given by Rvd Phil Bettinson. It was a very interesting talk and the speaker himself was excellent (much more interesting than the chaplains I remember from school!). Next was lunch and shopping. I just could not resist the cutest cross stitch sets of the original Pokémon starters (Nearly done Charmander yay!)

At 5pm I went along to ‘Props and Armour using Pepakura’ where I learned a lot about this paper folding software, how to use it and then how to turn the paper into something solid which can actually be worn. I may or may not be consider a Judgement set for next year….. after all of this we went along to the Tea Party held on the LGBTQAI+ track where we had tea and cake and met some lovely people. after dinner it was time to get dressed up for the all-cheese dance party, just as we were on our way though we spotted Ian Peters with his beer and his Oclulus Rift giving people a go, so we just had to. It was amazing! I will absolutely be getting a consumer VR headset when they finally come out.



We were all up bright and early on Saturday breakfast, Mr. Man was most interested in the sky sports news on the TVs but I set about planning our day. First off we went to an open discussion of philosophy in gaming, this focussed a lot on games I had not played so I didn’t participate all that much but got a good head start on my Charmander from the day before. I then went along to Basic Wounds workshop where I learned to cover myself in bruises (Please excuse the selfie, but the bruises look cool right?)


So covered in bruises (and getting various odd looks) I went along to meet some friends in ‘punk your nerf’. This was exactly what it sounds like, how to turn a Nerf gun into a Steampunk gun. Turns out that Steampunks use these for a real game called ‘Steampunks vs. Zombies’ which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. at the end of the tutorial we were allowed to duel with said guns! Such fun.

Following the excitement of duelling Mr Man and I broke off to ‘Magicians and Misdirection’ where we learned some really interesting things about the science of misdirection and how magic is experimentally studied. It was really interesting and there were some brilliant card tricks thrown in for good measure. Next was dinner followed by the European premier of ‘Army of Frankensteins’ which was hilarious although I don’t think it was meant to be, We ended up leaving halfway through because it just got overly ridiculous.


Sunday was an even earlier start, we packed up our rooms and went to breakfast. I started my day with ‘Gruesome Injuries’ where we learned how to create make up cuts and gashes although this time I left without any injuries myself. Straight after this was how to make a corset in an hour. This was taught by a dressmaker who actually made someone in the audience a corset in (a little over) an hour. The girls and I then dashed off to have our parasol protectorate books sighed by Gail Carriger, all very exciting! Following the signing we went back to the Steampunks where a lovely lady dressed as a Steampunk version of a minion from Despicable Me taught us all about the ‘Science of afternoon tea’ we learned how to make scones, proper clotted cream and even how best to brew tea.

By this time we were all thoroughly exhausted and it was time to head home and relax before work the next day. I was a brilliant weekend had by all, the only thing missing is that the previous (and first) year there was a board game room where London on Board gaming club had set up. This was so much fun and we got to play so many awesome games and ended up starting our own gaming club between friends. Here’s hoping they come back next year.


This Geek’s Week #6

Welcome Back to This Geek’s Week, first up? Weekend..

So this weekend I went shopping, again. I think I have a problem… My friend wanted to go to a sale at Fairy Goth Mother, It was really quite fun, corsets are amazing! I didn’t end up getting anything but she got a few beautiful items for next to nothing. Including the poofiest shiny blue skirt of awesome!! So because she is an enabler, she insisted that I buy things too, so I did…

As we were in Spitalfields on a Saturday we went around the market. I hadn’t been there in YEARS and it was really quite fun. There is all kinds of stuff there, and we made a point to see EVERYTHING. The first stall we saw had some really cool jewellery. I cannot for the life of me find them online or remember the name of the store but I got the cutest little flying piggy earrings.


Next we went to Traffic People. This was the first time I’d ever been in or heard of this place. The second that I got in I saw something I liked and ended up taking about 20 things to the changing rooms. I ended up getting two dresses in the cutest prints


I love the little birdies on these and the blue one came with the belt. Each of them come with a built in slip made of the softest t-shirt like cotton. Amazing.

On Tuesday was my brother’s birthday (Happy Birthday Schneez!) but equally as importantly(!) it was National Lipstick day! In all honesty this is the first time I’d ever heard of national lipstick day, but this year Debenhams had £5 off ALL lipsticks that they sell. I got 3 lipsticks from MAC, and as they are £15.50 each I essentially got 3 for 2. I also got one of the Viva Glam Lipsticks if you don’t know what they are, when you buy something from the Viva Glam range 100% of the proceeds go to MAC’s Aids Fund. So really I just bought one lipstick and made a charity donation right?.. Right?!


Debenhams were also doing a beauty mystery gift, I got the two Elemis products which you can see in the photo above. I have yet to try them but they smell lovely.

The Shades I got are; Rebel, a dark berry purple shade, Peach Blossom, a lovely peachy pinky nude and Viva Glam II, a muted pinky beige. I’ve been wearing Peach Blossom non stop since I got it (on make up days) and I wore Rebel out on Friday.


This brings us nicely to Friday, I had a girly night out with my friend from uni who I didn’t manage to see on my birthday. We went to a Be at one bar for cocktails and gossip. It was excellent! She also bought me my birthday gift


Isn’t that amazing?! Definitely coming out next games night…


How to fix a broken blush

So if you have read one of my last subscription box post you will know that the blush I got came broken. This is always upsetting especially seeing as it generally happens to your most favourite products, but fear not! There is a way to save it. Now this is just what works for me, the product will never become perfect and shiny new but you will be able to use it again afterwards and that’s the main thing for me.

Step 1: Gather supplies

You will need:

  • Broken product
  • Plastic stick for mixing
  • Rubbing alcohol (or surgical spirits in a pinch)
  • Dropper or small syringe
  • Tissues (the thicker the better)
  • Small flat item for pressing into the pan (I used an eyeshadow that happened to fit)
  • Step 2: Break up the powder


    Place you broken product on to a tissue to catch any fallout. Take your plastic stick and break up the powder as much as you can, this will help in the later steps when adding the rubbing alcohol and leave you with a smoother product in the end.


    Step 3: Add rubbing alcohol and mix


    Using your dropper add rubbing alcohol drop by drop and mix it in to your powder. You want to get to a thick paste so all of the product is damp but not swimming in liquid. I used about 3 syringes worth of alcohol. If any product falls on to your tissue, pick it up and pour it back into the pan.


    Step 4: Flatten out the product


    Using your plastic stick flatten out your product around the pan filling it to where it would usually be.


    Take a clean piece of tissue and place it over the wet flattened product and use your flat object to push into the pan, I find that for round pans coins are perfect for pressing the powder but for this square pan I found an eyeshadow that fit. This pushing will achieve two things. Firstly some of the rubbing alcohol will be absorbed into the tissue. Secondly it will press the powder evenly into the pan meaning it will be less likely to break again.


    Step 5: Clean and dry

    Using a clean, fluffy makeup brush clean off the broken product off the inside and outside of the the packaging. This will keep everything else from getting messy when touching it. Open up the packaging and allow to dry. I usually leave it overnight but an hour or two should be OK.


    I hope this helps you out, I’ve fixed a few products using this method and it’s been a lifesaver.

    Do you fix your own makeup products? What method do you use? Let me know in comments!


    This Geek’s Week #5

    Another week has rolled past and things have happened! Things AND stuff, imagine that?! So what has been going on….

    First and foremost I went on an epic shopping trip on the weekend with two of my friends. One of them is just getting into the wonders of make-up and asked us to come shopping to show them the ropes. It was a beautiful warm day in London and we spent 5 whole hours beauty shopping on Oxford street, there were books, there was make-up – it was glorious! I’m editing a haul video as we speak, but the highlight has to be going to the Marc Jacobs shop and seeing the beauty line there. I had found out the day before that they sell Marc Jacobs beauty in 1 shop in the whole of the UK so I was all over that!

    I have been slowly but surely levelling my Esper in Wildstar but in all honesty I am losing interest. I’m having much more fun trying to work my way through my stack of games on steam (DAMN YOU HUMBLE BUNDLE!!) This week I had a go at Papers Please and continued a bit on Fez and Stacking.

    I’m not so keen on Papers Please but I think I see the appeal for others. You work at the border of an imaginary country stamping peoples passports whilst trying to maintain your quotas to be able to live. I just could not get into it personally but I do like the style of the game.


    I am really enjoying Fez, it’s so cute! You play as a little dude who acquires a Fez and discovers the third dimension (*Spooky noises*) you run about and try to find little bits of cube to… save the world? I don’t know, it’s fun though.


    Finally stacking I wrote about in my previous post, you play as the smallest of a set of nesting dolls trying to save your family. It’s quite a short game in total but there’s a completion aspect to it… I have a problem with completion (my /played on WoW will tell you that) so this game keeps sucking. me. back. in.


    Other than that I now have a Twitch channel. WOO! you can find me here. There’s not too much up there at the moment because BT is evil and doesn’t like streaming Boooo. Mr Man is now on a mission to get fiber optic so, you know, every cloud and all that.

    Obligatory Cat Post

    Kitteh high fives for everybody!!